Jumat, 31 Juli 2009

Tom Kaulitz

Name: Tom Kaulitz
Date of Birth:
1st September 1989
Position in band:
Tom likes German hip-hop artists such as Samy Deluxe.
Trademark style:
Tom’s trademark style is his dreadlocks, hip-hop style clothing and lip ring.

In 2009, Tom changed his look (despite protests of being a grandpa about change) and now has black cornrows instead of blonde dreads. Tom also has at least one ear piercing now.


"Oh I love it if IT'S dangling."
"Yeah but Hairspray wasn't about that at all. It was only about teasing hair"
“ It's 1.30pm and there's no breakfast anymore. What a joke!”

"I was scared he might put his fingers in my ass"

Random Facts:

Bill and Tom are identical twins and Tom is very proud of being 10 minutes older than Bill.
Tom has a very special relationship with his caps. He's rarely seen without one on his head.
Tells everyone he’s the “player” of the group, yet Georg begs to differ.
His most embarrassing moment was when he had to vomit in the school bus.
When he wants to relax, he runs a hot bath
When he thinks nobody is watching, he talks to himself.
Something he doesn’t like about himself is that he’s a little too funny and blows it with other people
Tom had to get several stitches in his eyebrow after falling during a sledding incident (slightly pushed by Bill). He was grazed by a passing sledge.

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